Friday, December 5, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that I actually have two Etsy shops? Well I wouldn't expect you to know as I seem to have forgotten myself! Zwei Baby was and is my primary shop and primary focus but a little while ago I opened up a second shop as a way to declutter all the creative things that happen when I have a moment to step away from Zwei Baby and just have a little fun!

Today I woke up with the need to create and while that should have been directed at the millions of Zwei Baby things I need to be doing I just had to take a few minutes and go in a different direction. So I used up some fabric scraps for tissue cozy's and finally got around to glazing some of those really pretty cherry colored scrabble tiles!
It was tons of fun, totally therapeutic and best of all now they are listed in the "other" Etsy shop! You can find it here.

Oh...and be sure to check back....I did so much creating today I ran out of time for taking pictures and listing things. Soon to come....monogramed make up bags, sunglass cases, quick totes and more :)

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